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Located on the Island of Hawai'i, the Marine Science Program at UH Hilo offers many opportunities in marine science education.


The mission of the undergraduate degree program in marine science is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the world’s oceans and an appreciation of the importance of marine ecosystems to the global environment and human life. The mission is accomplished through a combination of hands-on laboratory and field experience, inquiry-based instruction, and direct interactive learning and is supported by a broad background in the marine sciences, including basic knowledge of the natural science disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and mathematics.


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The Marine Science program is well-rounded and multi-disciplinary. It has been carefully designed to take full advantage of the unique variety of marine environments available for study around the Island of Hawai'i. Students have two degrees to choose from, the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts in Marine Science. Both begin with introductory lecture and laboratory courses in general oceanography and marine biology. These are followed by intermediate level courses in marine ecology and evolution, marine methods and analysis, and statistical applications in Marine Science. The most advanced level in the program is made up of specialized courses in geological oceanography, chemical oceanography, physical oceanography, biological oceanography and marine biology. The Bachelor of Arts major allows for a broader selection of electives to best suit the career plan for the student. The program of study in both majors culminates in a capstone course that prepares the student for a career or future graduate study. In addition to the two major degrees, the Marine Science Program offers a minor in Marine Science and numerous opportunities through the the Marine Options Program (MOP). We invite you to explore our website for these and other educational opportunities and and learn more about our faculty research activities students can engage in. Mahalo!!

One Learns from Many Sources

We provide hands-on learning centered around the natural and cultural environment of Hawai'i. For example, check out this awesome 360 degree video created by Dr. John Burns at QUEST 2015 (MARE 264/MARE 364). You can scroll through the video using your mouse on a computer, and if you open it on a smartphone then you move the phone to pan through the video