Name Office Phone E-Mail
Dr. Jim Beets, Interim Dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences MSB-118 808-932-7600
Dr. John Burns MSB-113 808-932-7595
Dr. Steven Colbert, Department Chair MSB-114 808-932-7596
Dr. Tim Grabowski, Hawaii Co-op Fishery Research Unit Leader MSB-107 808-932-7575
Dr. Marta deMaintenon MSB-108 808-932-7591
Dr. Karla McDermid MSB-117 808-932-7599
Lisa Parr, M.Sc., MOP Coordinator MSB-105 808-932-7589
Dr. Jason Turner MSB-116 808-932-7598
Dr. Tracy Wiegner, Analytical Lab Faculty Supervisor MSB-111 808-932-7594
Name Office Phone E-Mail
Dr. Lisa Muehlstein W-7 808-932-7506
Jordyn Anderson MSB 119
Dawn McSwain W 7
Name Office Phone E-Mail
Etta Karth, Educational Specialist MSB-119 808-932-7602
Matt Connelly, M.Sc., MOP Staff Coordinator W-3 808-932-7601
Tara Holitzki, M.Sc., Analytical Lab Manager MSB-110 808-932-7590
Steven Kennedy W-3 808-932-7951
Clint Collins, Unit Diving Coordinator W-2 808-932-7576